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Innovations In EV Battery Materials, Component Manufacturing & Cell Manufacturing

With automakers embracing electrification in a rapidly evolving industry, advanced battery materials remain at the forefront of driving EV adoption rates. The global adhesives industry is purported to grow at a substantial compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the next decade. The use in EVs is vast, adhesives and sealants have become an indispensable part of battery manufacturing innovation, as they continue to enable stronger and more durable bonds and heat dissipation properties.

With increasing vehicle electrification and autonomy, silicone adhesives are increasingly required to deliver durability across more mechanical designs and functional requirements, all while helping control total cost, and providing solutions to meet OEM expectations.

Adhesives, sealants and thermal materials play a decisive role in the advancement of EV technology and will certainly pivot the further growth of battery-powered vehicles across the automotive industry globally. Specifically designed for EVs, adhesives and sealants find applications in battery packs, drivetrains and motors.

Battery makers are bound to follow stringent regulations from the automotive industry which oblige them to construct a battery with 12-15 years of EV life, whilst working at elevated temperature conditions and absorbing the shocks and vibrations faced whilst driving.

All of the above-stated factors have given the adhesives and sealant industry the definite momentum to thrive.

The uses of adhesives, sealants and thermal materials in battery assembly operations present numerous opportunities in the electric vehicle (EV) market. Coupled with the significant OEM investment in EVs, the need for light weighting, crash resistance, and the protection of battery packs are some of the key factors that have propelled the demand for battery adhesives, sealants, and thermal materials to meet these objectives.

This webinar series covers an in-depth analysis of adhesive, sealant, and thermal material innovations for the EV batteries market, including a thorough analysis of various adhesives and sealants such as epoxy, polyurethane, silicone, and polyacrylates, and thermal materials, such as gap pads and liquid gap fillers.

Sessions will explore next-generation initiatives that are driving future mobility and specifically which are the key application areas, and best dispensing techniques for different adhesives, sealant and thermal material types.




Adhesive & Sealing Systems For High-Voltage Batteries In Electric Vehicle 

Material Solutions For Module Integration For Cylindrical Cells 

Enabling Smarter Battery Pack Design & Assembly Processes With Innovative Adhesive, Sealant & Thermal Technologies 

Innovative Thermal Interface Materials: How Adhesives And Sealants Are Accelerating xEV’s

Propagation Control Strategies And The Use Of Flexible Graphite Heat Spreaders  

Full System Solutions To Enable Battery Pack Assemblies With Innovative Adhesive & Thermal Management Solutions  


Overcoming Technical & Cost Challenges For Next Generation Automotive Batteries  

Understanding The Thermal And Safety Challenges In Next-Generation Battery Packs  

Why Immersed Battery Cooling  

Monitoring Cell Temperature To Optimize Battery Performance And Design  

Extending Battery Life of Electric Vehicle Fleets  

Silicone Foams And Thermally Conductive Silicones In Battery Pack Assembly  

Simulation To Aid Design: Accurately Predicting Thermal Performance And State Of Health Of A Battery Pack  

Methodology For Modelling And Simulating Battery Thermal Runaway Events  

Thermal Interface Materials – Gap Filler Liquids For Battery Systems  

Specifying Thermal Management Solutions For Battery Pack Design  

Battery Thermal Comfort: A Multi-Component Approach  


Silicone Adhesive Curing Technologies: Matching Specific Application Requirements With Silicone Adhesive Options

Metering, Mixing And Dispensing Solutions For Battery Cell Manufacturing Applications

Thermal Interface Material (TIM) Innovation

Dispensing Technology: Addressing Challenges In Thermal Management, Noise And Vibration 

Battery Pack Assembly: Reducing Vibration Problems

Precise Application In Difficult-To-Access Channels Or Locations

Silicone Thermal Interface Materials (TIMs)

Silicone Adhesives For Lifetime Performance In Vehicle Electrification

Surface Preparation For High Performance Battery Adhesives

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