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One Step Joining For Reliable Electrical Components: Cell-To-Cell With E-Clinching

Troy Walder, Vice President Sales And Operations, Tox Pressotechnik USA
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The session addresses a simple joining of materials with the highest conductivity joint – keeping electrical resistance (and heat generated) to a minimum – reducing heat, reducing cooling systems energy consumption- in tern contributing to increasing vehicle range.
  • Connecting aluminum, copper and other metals to connect leads and cells together
  • How to connect different elements of the battery: E Clinching overview
  • How the Tox e-clinching process works
  • Solutions approach for the clinching process
  • Solutions approach to oxide layer challenge
  • Solutions approach for contact corrosion challenge
  • Application samples
  • E-clinching in multi-layer applications beyond two sheets

Exploring the 4 Critical Adhesive & Sealant Pillars to Optimize Your High-Voltage Batteries In Electric Vehicles

Elizabeth Knazs, Business Development Manager, Electric Vehicle and Battery Engineering Adhesives – HB Fuller
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  • B. Fuller Supports EV OEMs and Tier manufactures by providing innovative materials, battery safety solutions, thermally conductive products, structural adhesives and sealing technologies. We provide complete turnkey solutions by including chemistry selection, product validation, production implementation, and technical support throughout the entire commercialization process.
  • Our patented EV Protect 4006 increases EV battery safety by improving protection against fires and thermal propagation. Additional key benefits include corrosion protection, semi-structural support, NVH properties, impact resistance, while helping to maintain a stable internal battery temperature from extreme external environments.
  • B. Fuller’s next generation innovative adhesive and sealant solutions provide improved thermal management performance, increase structural rigidity, and seal against external environments. We are dedicated to developing products that help provide a safer battery for the future.

Thermal Conductive Adhesives for Next Generation Cell-to-Pack Configurations

Timothy Vokes, Application Engineering Manager, Thermal Management Materials and Structural Adhesives, Parker Lord
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  • Current battery pack configurations – In the current, modular-based battery pack configuration, a minimum of two discrete thermal interface materials (TIMs) or “gap fillers” (GF) are typically employed to regulate the temperature of the modules and ensure safe, efficient performance.
  • Trade-offs with conventional modular design – Challenges with the old design include added weight and volume from the inactive portions of the module which ultimately translates into compromised pack energy density.
  • Next generation cell-to-pack configuration – Given these challenges, many EV and battery manufacturers are eliminating modules entirely and directly bond batteries to the cooling plate. This new module-free approach, referred to as “Cell-to-Pack” (CTP), reportedly increases volume-utilization space from 15-50%, depending upon battery cell design.
  • The benefits of thermally conductive gap fillers – Cell-to-Pack configurations offer numerous benefits, including increased volume-utilization space from 15-50%, reduction in the number of parts up to 40%, less expensive, lower energy density cells given the extra space, improvements to pack energy density, and more!

The Power Partnership Of High Voltage And Low Voltage Batteries

Eric Michielutti: Director, Lithium Ion Product Technology, Clarios
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  • The industry has seen incredible advances in high voltage cell manufacturing over the past several years with the rise and increase of electrified powertrains.
  • But what about the low voltage battery? Is there a future? Learn more about the ever increasing role of the 12V battery in electrified powertrains and how much vehicles in the future will depend on it.

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