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MON-20-SEP 11am (CET) 5am (ET) 

Innovative Solutions & Performance Materials For Lithium Ion Battery Packs


Jan Kettemann, Head of Global New Business Development, Freudenberg

Tobias Speth, Sales Manager / Application Engineer, Freudenberg

Speaker Bios | Company Profile


  • Battery Pack Liquid Absorbers: With adjustable absorption capacity and custom geometries, battery pack liquid absorbers ensure long-lasting battery packs.
  • EMI Shieldings: For  an important protection from external interferences.
  • Friction Inserts: Secure and optimize bolted and press-fitted joints

MON-20-SEP 1pm (CET) 7am (ET)

Integration Of The Battery Casing With The Cooling Plate, Enabled By A Coolant-Resistant Structural Adhesive


  • Next-Generation Battery Thermal Management Systems & Technologies
  • Durable cooling system enabled by hot-coolant-resistant structural adhesive
  • Reduced weight versus monolithic protection covers
  • Reduced packaging space via integrated cooling channels
  • Simplified battery assembly with no separate pipework
  • Enhanced thermal efficiency between cells and cooling system

MON-20-SEP 3pm (CET) 9am (ET)

Using Clad Metal Innovations For Battery, Charging, And Thermal Management Challenges In Automotive Electrification


Sejin Im, Global Market Director, Automotive Materion Corporation

Joe Kaiser, VP-Product & Market Development Materion Corporation

Speaker Bios | Company Profile


  • High reliability, stronger joints and lower electrical impedance for more compact battery connection designs and unmatched electrical and mechanical performance
  • Low friction and wear resistant connector material that enable faster DC charging and stable performance at elevated temperatures
  • Structural and thermal battery enclosure materials that enable higher energy density and light weighting

MON-20-SEP 6pm (CET) 12pm (ET)

Powder Coating Solutions For Electric Vehicle Components


Kevin Hales, Automotive Innovation Manager – Powder Coatings – AkzoNobel

Speaker Bio | Company Profile


A discussion on E-mobility and industry trends, which have identified opportunities uniquely positioned for powder coating technology and applications.
  • Why powder coating?
  • E mobility offering
  • Application methods (hot & cold)
  • Battery systems
  • Motor systems

TUE-21-SEP 11am (CET) 5am (ET) 

EV Battery Simulation, Accurately Predicting Performance & State Of Health


Satheesh Kandasamy, Industry Process Expert Director, Propulsion & Performance, Dassault Systemes

Speaker Bio | Company Profile

  • Design the electric vehicle battery that exceeds performance target for driving range, fast charging, acceleration, durability, passenger comfort and safety, and yet cost-competitive in the market.
  • Design and evaluate innovative cooling system that will provide the best thermal environment for battery longevity, vehicle performance, passenger comfort, while optimizing the overall vehicle thermal efficiency.
  • Design battery packs that are lightweight and cost-effective, yet strong and durable, by optimizing the battery pack structure design and validate the strength against the toughest driving condition on the road.
  • Ensure safety of the battery, even under the most extreme conditions, including extreme temperatures and crash events, and ensure that the passengers and first responders are always safe.
  • Deliver safer and more reliable electric vehicles with Dassault Systemes electric vehicle workflows powered by 3DEXPERIENCE platform

TUE-21-SEP 1pm (CET) 7am (ET)

Upscaling Processes For New Battery Raw Materials From Laboratory Into Industrial Production


Axel Weiand, Vice President Sales New Business – OneJoon

Speaker Bio | Company Profile


  • Onejoon – a global player in the battery raw material processing
  • Production equipment – a considerable factor for the batteries lifetime sustainability
  • From lab into industrial size production: It takes broad process experience to define the right steps from lab through validation into production
  • Kilns for Cathode Active material: Pusher and Roller kilns – challenges and advantages
  • Kilns for Anode Material: choosing from a wide range of modular furnace solutions, customized to meet specific process requirements
  • The right concept for the right process – Comparison between rotary furnaces, roller hearth furnaces, pusher furnaces and tube furnaces
  • Experience matters: building a tight cooperation between the furnace builder and the raw material producer to reach a fast and smooth transition into large scale production
  • Test center and Simulation: Combination of production scale tests and supporting CFD and FEM simulations for an efficient scale up

TUE-21-SEP 3pm (CET) 9am (ET)

New Ways To Manage Heat – Makrolon® TC



Jim Lorenzo, Application Development Engineer, Covestro

Christopher Schirwitz, Technical Marketing Manager E&E, Covestro

Speaker Bios | Company Profile


  • Introduction to thermal conductive polymers
  • Why thermally conductive polycarbonate can change heat management
  • Design for Sustainability with Makrolon TC
  • Heat management for Wi-Fi routers, electric vehicle batteries, connected devices and LED lighting
  • Showing case studies of commercially available products using Makrolon TC

TUE-21-SEP 6pm (CET) 12pm (ET)

H.B. Fuller’s Innovative Materials For EV Batteries


Nathan Whitford, Global Product Manager – OEM & EV Automotive – HB Fuller

Elizabeth Knazs, Business Development Manager OEM/EV – HB Fuller

Richard Cohen Business Development Manager – OEM / EV / Agriculture, Construction & Mining Equipment – HB Fuller

Michael Owens, Business Development Manager EV/OEM – HB Fuller

Speaker Biographies | Company Profile


  • H.B. Fuller At-A-Glance
  • Intro to H.B. Fuller e-Mobility Solutions
  • EV Protect 4006 Fire Protection Encapsulation
  • Thermal Management EV Battery Pack
  • Battery Pack Seals
  • Structural Adhesive for Battery Packs
  • Cell to Carrier Bonding

WED-22-SEP 11am (CET) 5am (ET) 

Hybrid Electronic Control Technology For HV DC Switching


Jim Tullo, President, Schaltbau North America

Francois Rademeyer, Managing Director, Schaltbau Radél South Africa & Radél Pty Ltd

Martin Zierer, Application Specialist, Schaltbau GmbH

Speaker Bios | Company Profile

  • Intelligent electric vehicle power distribution
  • Safe and reliable HV DC circuit switching technology
  • Health, Condition and Usage Monitoring Systems (HUMS)
  • Safe Solutions for handling potential failure mode
  • Having safety and efficiency in the focus

WED-22-SEP 1pm (CET) 7am (ET)

Battery Pack Material Selection & Design For Scaled Mass Production


Steven Daelemans, Market Development Manager Battery Packaging, Covestro

Speaker Bio | Company Profile

  • How material selection influences tolerances and dimensional stability needed for scaling mass assembly
  • Assembly solutions like UV cured adhesives and laser welding from a material perspective.

WED-22-SEP 3pm (CET) 9am (ET)

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Applications In Li-ion Battery Assembly Processes


Paul Schwitter, R&D Leader & Business Development Manager, ATP Adhesive Systems AG

Speaker Bio | Company Profile


  • Self-adhesive insulation films (mica, aramid) to prevent Thermal Propagation. (applied in battery housings)
  • Self-adhesive layers in between the pouches (double sided tapes) for Cell-to-Cell bonding
  • Thermically conductive (TIM) materials for heat sinks, thermal interface materials
  • Single sided or double sided Polyester films for electrical insulation

WED-22-SEP 6pm (CET) 12pm (ET)

Laser Solutions For Demanding Battery Manufacturing Applications


Jean-Philippe Lavoie, North America Applications Lab Manager, Coherent

Marc Auger, Sales Development Manager – Automotive, Coherent

Speaker Biographies | Company Profile

  • Discover how our laser solutions can help you scale up your battery production
  • Walk away with new insights into solving the most challenging battery applications
  • Learn how to improve your product design to maximize laser compatibility

THU-23-SEP 11am (CET) 5am (ET) 

Improved Methods For Leak Testing Li-Ion Batteries


  • Introduction to battery leak testing outlining the key challenges
  • Comparing testing with air vs tracer gases
  • Identifying different measurement methods and parameters
  • Systems applications for air and tracer gases

THU-23-SEP 1pm (CET) 7am (ET)

Increasing Thermal Transfer In EV Batteries Through The Use Of Openair-Plasma® Technology


Tim Smith, Chief Technology Officer – Plasmatreat North America Inc.

Speaker Bio | Company Profile

  • Learn how through the use of Openair-Plasma® technology,
  • The mechanical strength and thermal transfer of individual cells can be increased
  • Wire bond failures can be avoided
  • Aluminium battery enclosure seals can be protected from environmental corrosion

THU-23-SEP 3pm (CET) 9am (ET)

Engineering The Thermal & Safety Challenges In Next-Generation Battery Packs


Bret A. Trimmer, Applications Engineering Manager – NeoGraf Solutions, LLC.

Chad Finkbeiner, Application Engineer – NeoGraf Solutions, LLC

Speaker Biographies | Company Profile


  • Battery cooling is essential in four key aspects. Methods for controlling each will be discussed.
  • There are four main strategies battery pack manufacturers use to prevent thermal propagation. Each method will be discussed.
  • Each thermal propagation control method introduces benefits or harm to the cells in fast charging ability, cell cycle lifetime, maximum discharge rate, and driving range.
  • For applications where smaller-pack-size and lighter-weight are important, flexible graphite is a direct substitute for aluminum.

THU-23-SEP 6pm (CET) 12pm (ET)

Testing Battery Sensitivities of EV Subsystems Using Battery Simulation And Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Techniques


Grant Gothing, Chief Technology Officer – Bloomy

Speaker Bio

  • Many EV subsystems are sensitive to battery performance and behaviour.
  • The drivetrain, inverters, ECM and ECUs all interact with the battery, and are affected by SoC, SoH, imbalance, alarms, and DTCs.
  • These interactions are difficult, expensive, and dangerous to replicate using actual EV batteries.
  • Grant Gothing presents EV subsystem testing using the real BMS and COTS battery cell simulation hardware. Benefits include improved safety, reliability, repeatability, efficiency, cost and test coverage over real battery testing.

FRI-24-SEP 11am (CET) 5am (ET) 

Metering, Mixing And Dispensing Solutions For Battery Cell Manufacturing Applications


  • Dispensing technology that fulfils the hottest challenges in E-Mobility and Power Electronics.
  • How To solve the challenges in power electronics with dispensing technology?
  • The optimal dispensing pattern to help achieve the desired cycle time for your individual application
  • It is important to know which type of dispensing needle is right for your specific application. Using the wrong dispensing needle can lead to broken machinery and down time, poor quality and an inefficient production process: Choosing the right dispensing needle (cone, straight, Particle size?)

FRI-24-SEP 1pm (CET) 7am (ET)

Understanding Thermal Runaway Response Variability: Utilizing the Battery Failure Databank to Inform Thermal Model Driven Designs


William Q. Walker, Ph.D., Battery Thermal Engineer, NASA

Speaker Bio | Company Profile

  • No two thermal runaway events are the same which results in a significant gap between analysis results and reality.
  • To help address this gap, NASA and NREL have partnered together to make the Battery Failure Databank publicly available (downloadable from
  • The databank contains hundreds of fractional thermal runaway calorimetry (FTRC) datasets and corresponding high speed X-ray videos (~1700 fps) of lithium-ion cell internals at the moment of failure.
  • This presentation will provide the audience with a detailed description of what the databank is, what data can be found in it, and why it is important to address thermal runaway variability when performing thermal runaway analysis of a battery pack, module, or assembly.

FRI-24-SEP 3pm (CET) 9am (ET)

Technical Manufacturing Audits Of Cell Manufacturers


Tom O’Hara, Global Business Manager, Intertek’s Energy Storage Advisory Services

Speaker Bio | Company Profile

  • Company History and Manufacturing Capabilities
  • General Review of Facilities
  • Discussion of Manufacturing and Product Safety
  • Design and Process FMEAs
  • Focus on Critical Processes
  • Focus on Likely Root Cause Issues (if this is a Failure Analysis)
  • How is Product Safety Assured
  • Assessment of the manufacturer’s depth of Li-Ion understanding

FRI-24-SEP 6pm (CET) 12pm (ET)

Translating FTRC Results into Practical Thermal Analysis Techniques


Peter J. Hughes, Battery Thermal Engineer, NASA

Speaker Bio | Company Profile

  • Effective analysis techniques that evaluate pack/module/assembly level response to thermal runaway variability, as opposed to just a single event, is critical to mitigating the risk of catastrophic failure.
  • Analysis recreating an abuse test in a thermal analysis or multi-physics analysis software must consider not just correlation to the test, but should also evaluate where they test might fall into the overall range of possible thermal runaway outcomes for the given cell.
  • This presentation provides a framework to address the challenges of simulating thermal runaway variability with a distributed heat load approach.


EV Battery Pack Design And Material Selection For High Performing Batteries


Improved Methods For Leak Testing Li-Ion Batteries


Three Innovative Material Solutions To Address Technical Challenges In Automotive Electrification

Amada Weld Tech

Battery Connection Solutions In e-Mobility: 3 Distinct Technologies For Battery Manufacturing


Solving A Burning Issue: Dealing With Thermal Runaway


Driving Toward The BEV Tipping Point: Solving cost And Scalability Challenges


Upscaling Processes For New Battery Raw Materials From Laboratory Into Industrial Production

Breakthrough Silicon Anodes For Next-Gen EV Batteries


Material Options For Insulating And Protecting Power Distribution And Cooling Components In The Battery

Wildcat Discoveries

Making The Next Super-Battery Solid-State Batteries


Efficient BMS Testing Throughout The BMS Development Lifecycle


Demystifying BMS Hardware-In-the-Loop (HIL) Testing


Methods For Leak Testing Lithium-ion Batteries


How New Laser Technologies Can Help Advance Your Battery Manufacturing


Introducing Battery Intelligence: The Key To Powering Your Battery Program Through COVID-19 And Beyond


How To Advance Aluminum Laser Welding In Automotive Structures


How To Advance Steel Laser Welding In Automotive Structures


Choosing The Right Scanner And Laser Solution In Battery Manufacturing



Overcoming Technical & Cost Challenges For Next Generation Automotive Batteries


Adhesive And Sealing Systems For High-Voltage Batteries In Electric Vehicles


Understanding The Thermal And Safety Challenges In Next-Generation Battery Packs


Why Immersed Battery Cooling


Monitoring Cell Temperature To Optimize Battery Performance And Design


Extending Battery Life of Electric Vehicle Fleets


Silicone Foams And Thermally Conductive Silicones In Battery Pack Assembly


Simulation To Aid Design: Accurately Predicting Thermal Performance And State Of Health Of A Battery Pack


Methodology For Modelling And Simulating Battery Thermal Runaway Events


Thermal Interface Materials – Gap Filler Liquids For Battery Systems


Specifying Thermal Management Solutions For Battery Pack Design

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